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Winco EC22000VE 22,000 Watt Vehicle mounted Generator
Winco EC22000VE 22,000 Watt Vehicle mounted Generator
Item# WI_EC22000VE

Product Description

Winco EC22000VE 22,000 Watt Vehicle mounted Generator
WINCO has over 85 years of experience manufacturing industrial grade generators. We focus our attention on developing the highest quality generators available at the best long-term value. WINCO vehicle mounted generators are used in spray foam insulation, construction, mining, oil field, service, and emergency vehicles. These generators provide dependable power when reliability is a necessity.


B&S Vanguard 993 CC. Cast iron cylinder sleeves increase engine life and reduce oil consumption. Standard low oil protection.


100% Copper Windings. Fixed stator with skewed slot and a rotating inductor fitted with a damper cage. 2/3 pitch reduces harmonic content <5%. MAUX Auxiliary System ensures the generator end can withstand 300% motor starting inrush for 20 seconds. AVR true RMS with voltage accuracy of +/- 1%.

Additional Features:

Optional fuel tank from WINCO that includes 15 gallon composite fuel tank, primer bulb, fuel cap with gauge, carbon canister, fuel line, connectors and brackets.

Electric key start at the generator.

SKU 19022.

Shipping Weight 495.00 lbs