Super Vacuum S-150 Blockaid Smoke Curtain - XLarge Size

Super Vacuum S-150 Blockaid Smoke Curtain - XLarge Size
Item# SV_S-150

Product Description

Super Vacuum S-150 Blockaid Smoke Curtain - XLarge Size

Super Vacuum S-150 Smoke Curtain

Smoke BlockAid The Super Vac Smoke BlockAid is a patented device (US Patent #7810576) that assists in your departments two most important functions: life safety and property conservation.

Life Safety:

With little training, you can contain smoke in the area of origin, allowing safer exit routes for victims and cleaner entrance points for personnel. Hose lines and firefighters easily pass through the opening while heat and smoke are contained. Perfect for preventing smoke spread in apartments, high rises, hospitals and more.

Property Conservation:

Your department prides itself in a fast, aggressive, fire attack. Now you can add minimizing smoke damage to your list of accomplishments. The Super Vac BlockAid keeps smoke damage limited; helping your department in your quest for superior customer service.

The Smoke BlockAid is a silicone impregnated fiberglass curtain that contains smoke in a particular room, creating safer routes for personnel and rescue operations. The Smoke BlockAid, installs in seconds with a Quick Action ratchet. The material maintains integrity in temperatures of 1100 F and is resistant to temperatures up to 500 F.

Smoke BlockAid Highlights:

controls oxygen to the fire without taking up any man power.

great visual indicator of flow path.

reduces smoke damage.

Smoke BlockAid Specs Material: Silicone impregnated fiberglass rated up to 500 F: for periods of time fabric maintains integrity up to 1100 F

Ratchet: Quick Action with screw tightening Durability: Extra protection with vinyl patches at all wear points, stainless steel clips to upper arm for extreme high heat situations

Size XL - Door Opening: Min: 36 Max: 56 x Height: 75.