Super Vac V20-EV , 18" Valor PPV , 1.50 H.P. Variable Speed Electric Motor

Super Vac V20-EV , 18" Valor PPV , 1.50 H.P. Variable Speed Electric Motor
Item# SV_V20-EV

Product Description

Super Vac V20-EV , 18" Valor PPV , 1.50 H.P. Variable Speed Electric Motor

The Valor Series is the latest in PPV innovations from Super Vac. Featuring a Patent Pending frame design that is simple and intuitive to position on the fire ground, the Valor series is engineered to ease the toughest ventilation challenges. They feature a tough, tubular aluminum frame, full width handle, real rubber never-flat tires, 7-position tilt via the quick step pad, and the ability to easily attached ducting to the output.

Super Vacuum V20-EV Spec. Sheet

The V20-EV is an 20″, variable speed, electric PPV set on the innovative Valor frame. A variable speed PPV that offers precise control of air movement and up to 33% more airflow than single speed motors. The V20-EV will run on any 15 amp GFCI circuit and new hydraulic generators.

The seven point cast aluminum airfoil blade is strong enough to withstand the high radiant heat from structure fires. These blades are precision balanced using state of the art technology to ensure maximum airflow and long lasting quality. Currently available in 18 or 20 inch sizes, the Valor PPVs are available with a variety of engines and motors Electric: Standard Single Speed, Hazardous Location Single Speed, and Variable Speed.

Valor Series fans come standard with StreamShaper guard. Air cone Guard available by request.

7-Point Cast Aluminum Blade holds up better than plastic in high heat.

Precision Spun Steel Shroud durability with maximum airflow.

Full Roll Cage Aluminum Frame protects key components 15% lighter than steel frames.

Solid Cushion Tires heavy duty rubber, never flat, rolls up stairs and curbs.

5-Position Tilt Frame positive and negative angles allow for placement on stairs, easy to maneuver for taller firefighters.

StreamShaper Guard standard guard designed for larger setback, air cone guard available by request.

Fold Down Ergonomic Handle folds down within frame for storage, easy grip with heavy duty gloves.

5 Year Warranty.

Blade: 20.

74 lbs.

26 H. x 25 W. x 23 D.

1.25 Hp Variable Speed 2400 RPM.

Start: 2000 Watt.

Run: 1500 Watt

15,110 CFM.