Sensit Gold G3, 945-00000-1111, 4-Gas Detector (LEL/CO/O2/H2S)

Sensit Gold G3, 945-00000-1111, 4-Gas Detector (LEL/CO/O2/H2S)
Item# SENSIT_945-00000-1111

Product Description

Sensit Gold G3, 945-00000-1111, 4-Gas Detector (LEL/CO/O2/H2S)
NO. 945-00000-1111, 4 Gas LEL/CO/O2/H2S


SENSIT GOLD G3 makes gas detection faster and more accurate than ever. Designed for worker productivity, the SENSIT GOLD G3 features improved durability, sensor and pump performance monitoring and unmatched data logging and mapping capabilities.

SENSIT GOLD G3 is ideal for locating above and below-ground gas leaks, confined space monitoring, pipeline purging, leak surveys, and other applications.

SENSIT GOLD G3 multi-gas detector can be configured with up to 5 sensors for combustible and toxic gases and oxygen.


Multi-Gas Leak Detector the, SENSIT® GOLD G3 is a top-of-the-line device that takes it to the next level. It offers advanced features that improve worker productivity and safety. Including enhanced durability, sensor, and pump performance monitoring. Data logging and mapping capabilities that are unparalleled in the industry. With these features, gas detection is faster, more accurate, and more efficient than ever.


The SENSIT® GOLD G3 detects up to 5 gases simultaneously, including combustible and toxic gases and oxygen. It provides detailed information on the amount and type of gas present, like Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, and Hydrogen Cyanide. This device is useful for workers to respond accordingly. It can display readings in %Volume and PPM with an optional LEL for Methane and Propane.


Intrinsically safe, with IP64 certification for water and dust protection. Its durable rubberized housing ensures reliability in tough environments. It also features a 2-speed pump for fast sampling and an audible tick for fast leak locating. Additionally, it comes with a flashlight for low-light situations. These features ensure the device is reliable and easy to use in various environments. SENSIT® GOLD G3 has “smart” sensors with long life, multi-language support, LED warning light, Bluetooth, and an easy-to-read display. With accurate and reliable readings on the job, you can stay safe and productive. The device is also compatible with SMART-CAL 360 for automatic calibration/bump testing SMART-LINK 360 for downloading logs and SERVICE 360 for firmware updates.


The Multi-Gas Leak Detector, the SENSIT® GOLD G3 is a versatile multi-gas leak detector. That detects and measures combustible gas leaks of carbon monoxide. It’s easy to use and maintain. Making it ideal for various applications such as gas leak surveys, emissions testing, and monitoring confined spaces. The detector provides workers precise data about the gases present, enabling them to respond quickly and keep everyone safe.

CERTIFICATIONS Moreover, The SENSIT® GOLD G3 multi-gas detector is UL-certified. Ensuring that it meets the highest standards of safety and quality. With all of these advanced features and certifications, the SENSIT® GOLD G3 is a reliable and effective tool for any workplace that requires gas detection.