R & B RB-17 Trauma Initial Stock

R & B RB-17 Trauma Initial Stock
Item# RB_RB17

Product Description

Trauma bag initial stock package. Prepackaged poly bag with all the supplies needed to initially stock our trauma bags.

1-Rescue shears. 1-Bandage shears. 1-Penlight w/pupil gauge.

1-B/P cuff. 1-Stethoscope dual head. 1-15 Gram glucose. 2-Cold packs.

2-1" tape (adhesive). 3-5" x 9" Combi pads. 3-2" Comforming gauge (sterile). 3-4" Comforming gauze (sterile). 10-2" x 2" Gauze pads. 1-4" x 4" Gauze pads. 10-1" Bandaids or box assorted.

5-Pair of gloves. 1-CPR mask.

10-Antiseptic towellets. 10-Triple antibiotic Wipes. 10-Alcohol preps. 1-Multi-trauma dressing. 1-Foil rescue blanket. 4-Triangular bandage.

1-Burn sheet. 1-Bite stick.