Quick Fist No. 10011 Rubber Clamp (1" - 2 1/4")

Quick Fist No. 10011 Rubber Clamp (1" - 2 1/4")
Item# ER_10011

Product Description

Original Quick Fist Installation Instructions

QUICK FIST Clamps Make It Easy To Mount Tools and Equipment On Any Vehicle.

Holds objects 1" to 2 1/4" (25mm to 57mm) in diameter.

* Mounts easily to keep shovels, axes, hoses, rifles/shotguns, fishing gear and other tools or implements securely in place. * Use on work vehicles, off road trucks, military equipment, law enforcement vehicles, fire trucks, 4x4s, ATVs, RVs, boats or on any wall. * Can also be used as a pipe stand-off (particularly suitable for marine applications, as the QUICK FIST will not rust or corrode). Do not use on exhaust pipes. * Each clamp supports approximately 22lbs (10kilos).

Made in the USA. US and Worldwide Patents Pending. UK Patent 24032623.