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Husky Helicopter Water Tanks
Husky Helicopter Water Tanks
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Product Description

Husky Helicopter Water Tanks
HuskyŽ Helicopter Tanks are water shuttle tanks designed to be transported by helicopter and set down in forestry areas to supply water for firefighters whether in remote areas or not.

HuskyŽ Helicopter Tanks are precisely built with top quality, high-grade materials. Each tank is tested and approved before shipping.

HuskyŽ 72-gallon and 134-gallon Helicopter Tanks are designed in a tetrahedron shape for excellent stability when being transported or just sitting on the ground.

The 240 and 360-gallon models are built with a round base and top and taper from bottom to top. Standard fittings are one 4" fill port and one 2" PVC flange and ball valve. Available in gray water or potable water models.

HuskyŽ Helicopter Water Tanks come standard with a 4" fill port that allows quick filling and access to the inside of the tank and a 3/4' flanged outlet. The two smaller sizes come with a heavy-duty 1" reinforced hose with a durable spigot.

The standard material for HuskyŽ Helicopter Water Tanks is a heavy-duty 40 oz. reinforced PVC. They are also available in a potable NSF 61-approved material, which is great for filling backpacks or for drinking water.