Hot Shield Wildland Firefighter UNI-V2 Ultra Shroud Exrtreme

Hot Shield Wildland Firefighter UNI-V2 Ultra Shroud Exrtreme
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Product Description

Hot Shield UNI-V2 Ultra Shroud Extreme

The new Ultra Shroud model UNI-V2 is a Wildland Helmet Shroud designed by firefighters to provide extreme thermal protection to areas of the face and neck not covered by a mask or standard helmet shroud.

The UNI-V2 replaces your existing helmet shroud and is designed to fit to nearly every model of wildland helmet manufactured to date, including Morning Pride, MSA, Bullard and others.

What makes our Hot Shield Ultra Shroud better and unique to your existing equipment? The UNI-V2 affords the firefighter the proven bonafide protection of CarbonX fabrics with a measure of respiratory comfort & relief not found in standard helmet shrouds.

The Ultra Shroud UNI-V2 has overlapping panels and each panel has a layer of CarbonX knit mesh at the nose and mouth area. You can breathe right through your shroud now! No other shroud has this capability.

The Ultra Shroud UNI-V2 comes with a packet of hook & loop tabs and straps, so you can customize the fit of your Ultra Shroud to your own specific brand of wildland helmet.

Step up to real protection, not just the look of it!

SUMMARY DESCRIPTION: The Ultra Shroud Extreme is a nearly universal replacement helmet shroud for wildland helmets. The Ultra Shroud Extreme overlaps and wraps the face. The overlapping sections are designed with a double layer mesh that serves for easy air exchange. A supplied customization kit allows attachment to nearly any wildland helmet in existence. We use CarbonX materials from Chapman Innovations, Utah. a proprietary material tested to withstand over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit and far exceeds the Radiant Protective Performance requirements of NFPA #1977 Standards for Wildland PPE (see charts on website). Lightweight, about 4.5 oz. Designed by firefighters for firefighters. One size fits all.


Weight: 4.5 oz. / 126 grams

Sizing: One size fits all. FR hook & loop fasteners secure to interior of helmet.

Main Benefits: 1) Protection from burns to the ears and neck. 2) Large airborne particulate relief by use of overlapping “mesh” fabric at mouth.nose area.

Description: Can be classified as an interface component. Offers some measure of respiratory relief by filtering large airborne particulate through use of 2 layers of FR knit mesh. Designed to be installed in nearly any brand of wildland helmet.

Main Users: Can be used by firefighters, oil refinery workers and others in areas where heat, flame and airborne particulate hazards exist.

Limitations: Will not filter or block fire gases and vapors.

Coverage: Designed to cover the face and neck below the helmet brim and approximately to the shoulders & neck area depending on the individual.

Product Testing: Mask itself subjective only. CarbonX fabrics have been tested by manufacturer (Chapman Innovations Inc) to withstand over 2000 degrees F. Any reference to face protector has been removed from NFPA Standard #1977 Wildland PPE Edition 2011 and the standard is contained in NFPA #1984. As of 2014 no device has been invented to thermal protection requirement. CarbonX materials have been objectively tested and exceed minimum requirements for NFPA Standard #1977 Wildland Protective Clothing and Equipment, 2008 & 2011

Care: Machine, hand or dry clean.

Warranty: One year materials & workmanship.

Miscellaneous: Nighttime visibility thru use of 3M reflective trim.