Hot Shield HS-2 Wildland Firefighter Face Mask with one Filter

Hot Shield HS-2 Wildland Firefighter Face Mask with one Filter
Item# HSU_HS-2

Product Description

The Hot Shield Model HS-2 Wildland Firefighter Face Mask is a patented (U.S. Patents 5,628,308 and 5,823,188) highly flame resistant face protector designed by firefighters for use in all wildland firefighting operations. The HS-2 offers the extreme protection against burns to the face/neck with the added benefit of blocking and reducing the inhalation of smoke & ash particulate. Multiple layers of patented CarbonX help maintain the crucial airspace firefighters want and human skin needs to survive extreme temperatures. The soft comfortable inside liners (also CarbonX) absorb perspiration, adding to user comfort.

No other mask on the market can make these claims!

Twin layers of CarbonX mesh at the center ventilation orifice allow for easy air exchange and help prevent buildup of CO2. The patented, user-friendly design allows the firefighter to insert an activated carbon disposable particulate filter with exhalation valve.

CarbonX is the only inherently non-flammable fabric in the world. This fabric weave will not burn, ignite, char shrink or decompose at temperatures of up to and exceeding 2000 degrees Farenheit, even for extended periods of time. (See CarbonX FAQ for more info on this revolutionary fabric).

The HS-2 weighs just 5.8 oz. / 162.4 grams, incorporates reflective trim for nighttime visibility and can be classified as an interface component of Wildland PPE, according to the NFPA Standard #1977 Wildland Protective Clothing and Equipment, Appendix. Each HS-2 is packaged with 2 filters

This is the most widely sold and most popular Hot Shield mask and the model we invented for ourselves back in 1993 after the California Fire Storms.

Hot Shield Face Protector Mask Model HS-2 is designed for and primarily used by the wildland firefighter. The US patented design provides for several benefits. Its primary benefit is a high degree of thermal protection to face & neck areas. This is accomplished by use of highly thermally resistant materials and adequate air-spacing, both of which are crucial to meet the goal of protecting the human skin. We use CarbonX materials from Chapman Innovations, Utah. CarbonX is a proprietary material tested to withstand over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit and far exceeds the Radiant Protective Performance requirements of NFPA #1977 Standards for Wildland PPE (see charts on website). The HS-2 is NOT a respirator but does provides a measure of respiratory relief by the reduction of smoke & ash particulate through an interior “pocket” that houses an activated low-level N-92 respirator filter. adequate airflow exchange. The interior materials also absorb perspiration, adding to overall user comfort. The HS-2 can use nearly any low-level, disposable style N-95 respirator filter. One activated carbon N-95 filter is included with each packaged HS-2 (some countries will not receive 2 filters because of custom requirements). Features 3M Scotchlite Reflective Trim for nighttime visibility. Fastens behind the neck (Velcro). One size fits all, machine washable.

KEY FEATURES: Patented CarbonX materials inside and out that withstand over 2000 degrees F Designed by firefighters for any high heat environment, especially wildland firefighting operations. Moderately easy to breathe through...designed for intermittent use as needed. Filter pocket allows insertion of low-level, N-95 filter. Very lightweight....only 5.8 oz / 162.4 grams grams. Comfortable and absorbs perspiration. Hangs loose around your neck until you need it (integral CarbonX hang strap. One size fits all. 3M Reflective Trim for nighttime visibility. Wash and dry in any temperature and detergent.

COMPLETE DATA SHEET: Name: Hot Shield Firefighter Face Mask Model Number: HS-2 Weight: 5.8oz / 162.4 grams Wt w/Filter Installed: 6.5oz / 182 grams Sizing: One size fits all (hook & loop fasteners behind neck)Main Benefits: 1) Extreme thermal protection (radiant heat or direct flame) of major portions of the face and neck. 2) Reduction of inhalation of airborne particulate by means of a screening mesh and use of a disposable filter w/exhalation valve. Description:! A safety garment for the face. Can be classified as an interface component. Mask is designed with a filter pocket that allows insertion of nearly any type of disposable (N-95) filter. Mask can hang loosely around neck until ready for immediate use. Mask uses hook and loop fasteners to secure around back of neck of wearer. Nighttime visibility with 3M Scotchlite® reflective trim.

Main Users: Firefighters and other workers that are subject to direct flame, radiant heat, smoke and airborne particulate hazards in an outdoor !environment and where use of a self-contained breathing apparatus is !either impractical or impossible. Limitations: Will not block gases, vapors or significant or fine airborne particulate. NOT A RESPIRATOR.

Coverage: Most areas of the face and neck. Leaves ears exposed.

Product Testing: Mask itself subjective only. CarbonX fabrics have been tested by manufacturer (Chapman Innovations Inc) to withstand over 2000 degrees F. Any reference to face protector has been removed from NFPA Standard #1977 Wildland PPE Edition 2011 and the standard is contained in NFPA #1984. As of 2014 no device has been invented to thermal protection requirement. CarbonX materials have been objectively tested and exceed minimum requirementsfor NFPA Standard #1977 Wildland Protective Clothing and Equipment, Editions 2008 & 2011.

Care: Machine or hand wash mild soap, air dry.

Warranty: One year materials and workmanship

Filter Info: Activated carbon sandwiched by cotton media. A disposable (N-95) Respirator Filter Mask with Exhalation Valve.