FX Lumber Guard Interior Fire Retardant Coating - Gallon

FX Lumber Guard Interior Fire Retardant Coating - Gallon
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FX Lumber Guard Coating, is the most versatile fire retardant product used on many types of soft and hard woods examples: Cypress, Pond Pine, Redwood, Oak, Yellow Pine, Doug Fir, Maple, Cedar, Lauan, White Wood, SPF and many other plywood sheathing like T&G Pine or Fir Plywood, AC, BC, CDX Pine or Fir Plywood, Birch, Oak, Poplar, OSB, MDF along with Glulams, I-Joist, Rim Board may also be treated.

FX Lumber Guard Coating, is used for fireproofing unfinished, unpainted raw wood projects such as: cabinets, wood doors, framing, renovations, craft's, deer stands, millworks, log cabins, trusses, roof decks, stages, platforms, blown insulation, attics, flooring, wood moldings, shipping crates, field treating on job sites, this is just to name a few, there are many more.

FX Lumber Guard Coating, is very easy to apply by spraying on with a low pressure hand pump sprayer, rolled on with a paint roller or brushed on with a paint brush, cleans up with water and mild soap. It prevents treated material from combustion by creating a protective barrier between the treated material and the fire source and it has been tested by independent nationally-recognized third party labs in the United States. FX Lumber Gurad penetrates the material and becomes part of its structural make up, it has a clear finish which is stainable or paintable.

FX Lumber Guard Coating is another method of treating lumber and plywood, it's colorless - odorless - non-toxic - non-hazardous to the environment, no linear shrinkage, resistant to some insects and you don't need special equipment for cutting, it's rated as a highly effective fire retardant coating.

It meets Official Codes, US Fire Codes and has been tested under ASTM E84 extended test for Smoke Generation index and Flame Spread index and meets NFPA 255 283, ANSI/UL723 and UBC 42.1, it inhibits some molds and mildews, Fire Retardant coated lumber and plywood is frequently recognized as a suitable process by insurance rating organizations and building inspectors, fire retardant coated wood products have a variety of applications.