FX Fabric Guard Fire Retardant Coating - Gallon

FX Fabric Guard Fire Retardant Coating - Gallon
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Product Description



FX Fabric Guard Is a very effective state-of-the-art interior / exterior flame retardant spray for fabric / textiles such as: 100 % Cottons, Canvas, Denim, Cotton Blends (65/35 or Similar), Muslin and more ...

The following types of projects you would use FX Fabric Guard for are: Draperies, Silk Decor, Display booth separators, Wall hangings, Curtains, Stage / Theater curtains, Roll-type window shades, Hospital privacy curtains, Crafts, Fabric vertical shades or blinds, Household Fabrics, Fabric horizontal shades or blinds, Painters Canvas, Carpets / Rugs, Furniture, Insulation and Terry cotton for fire extinguishable blanket and much more.

FX Fabric Guard, is used in: Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Jails / Prisons, Schools, Churches, Day Care Centers, Banks, Office Buildings, Boats, Residential Dwellings, Wall Décor Interior Decorator and Air Crafts, it gives excellent protection against ignition and flame spread, it forms a protective barrier which prevents combustion of the treated material and restricts the charring to the immediate area exposed to flame. FX Fabric Guard has no drip burn or after burn, thus making it the best flame retardant / fire retardant coating on the market.

Like all our products FX Fabric Guard is water based, colorless, odorless, non toxic, non hazardous fire retardant liquid coating.

** NOTE ** It is very important to check for color fastness.

A field test can be conducted by taking a sample of treated material and burning it with a lighter or match, hold material vertically, apply flame to bottom corner or surface for 15 seconds, then remove flame, there should be no flame after a maximum of 2 seconds. This field test is similar to CAL1237 small scale test.