Fox Fury 200-900 Nomad 360 LED Scene Light

Fox Fury 200-900 Nomad 360 LED Scene Light
Item# FXF_200-900

Product Description

The See It All 360 Scene Light. This ultimate scene light provides up to 7,000 lumens for up to 24 hours. The adaptive Nomad 360 converts from an area light to spotlight to 360 scene light in seconds by sliding the diffuser lens and opening/closing the light head. Its portable, waterproof and self-contained design allows it travel to (and be used in) places that standard scene lights, street lamps and vehicle mounted lights cannot reach. In around 20 seconds, you'll be able to deploy the tripod legs and raise the telescoping head up over 8 ft tall to illuminate the work area. Its rechargeable and cordless design means no noisy, heavy generator is needed. If you have external power, the 360 provides continuous light. The 360 is used at command posts, accident scenes, temporary shelters, checkpoints and job sites around the globe.


Max Output: 7,000 lumens.

Battery Life: 3 hours to 24 hours.

Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery System.