FLIR KF6 Fire Truck Mounted Thermal Imaging Camera - Right Side Up Mount
FLIR KF6 Fire Truck Mounted Thermal Imaging Camera - Right Side Up Mount
Item# FLR_70901-0101

Product Description

A New TIC Vantage Point:

The FLIR KF6 is the first mountable OEM TIC specifically for aerial apparatus applications. Providing a high-angle thermal view of rooftops, upper stories, and other elevated structures, KF6 can help your team see clearly through smoke and total darkness from an additional strategic perspective for more effective targeting and situational awareness.

Aerial Mounting Flexibility:

The KF6 can be easily and securely fixed-mounted under or atop aerial platforms and at the end of straight sticks. A single cable with a MIL-C connector provides 10-32 VDC in and composite video out for simple installation.

Best Resolution Shows You More:

Featuring 640 480 IR resolution and a 69 FOV, bolstered with onboard FSX Flexible Scene Enhancement, the KF6 produces vivid thermal images, providing finer detail and greater visibility for easier orientation and structural identification.

Convenient Monitoring:

Pair the KF6 with your preferred video display with one cable and view live, high-angle thermal video on a monitor at the turntable level, on an in-truck LCD, or on a screen right at the platform itself. Or connect to multiple displays via wireless systems.*

CDMQ Ruggedness:

FLIR built the KF6 to our Commercially Developed Military Qualified standards. With a rugged housing that meets MIL-STD-810G, an IP67 rating, and extensive IEC testing, KF6 is ready to withstand harsh fire scene operating conditions, well-protected from exposure to heavy smoke and spray.