FLIR K45 Thermal Imaging Camera Kit with FSX Enhancement
FLIR K45 Thermal Imaging Camera Kit with FSX Enhancement
Item# FLR_72201-0106

Product Description

Product Description:


**Includes:Hard transport case, thermal imaging camera, FLIR Tools software (scratchcard), power supply, incl. multi-plugs, battery (2x), battery charger, USB cable, retractable lanyard, strap lanyard, neck strap, tripod adapter, documentation.

Fire attack.

Search & rescue.

Situational awareness.

Hot spot identification.

Extremely affordable: a thermal imaging camera in every firefighting truck. FLIR develops and manufactures more thermal imaging cameras than any other company. Thanks to economies of scale, FLIR is able to offer the K-Series at an extremely affordable price.

Rugged & reliable: The K-Series is designed to meet tough operating conditions. It can withstand a drop from 2 meters onto a concrete floor, is water resistant (IP67), and is fully operational up to +260C/+500F (over a 5 minute duration).

Clear and crisp thermal images: The maintenance free uncooled microbolometer sensor produces clear and detail rich images of 240 x 180 pixels (FLIR K45) or 320 x 240 pixels (FLIR K55). Thermal images are presented on a large bright 4 display helping you navigate and make quick and accurate decisions.

Produce simple reports: Thermal images can be stored in the FLIR K-Series and later be used to produce simple reports of what happened at the scene.

Easy to use, even with gloves on: An intuitive and simple user interface allows you to focus on the job at hand. The FLIR K-Series can be controlled by 3 large buttons on top of the unit. Ideal for a gloved fire fighters hand.