E-Flare 939-AT293, 8" Safety & Emergency Beacon

E-Flare 939-AT293, 8" Safety & Emergency Beacon
Item# PIP_939-AT293

Product Description

Our E-flare™ line of products is not just innovative, they're life savers. They've progressed technology from a torch, to light beacons that use multi-color and sequencing of light that can be seen for over 3/4 of a mile away without the night vision, point fixation and distance judgement problems associated with strobe and incandescent lights.

Intensely Bright - Can be clearly seen over 3/4 mile away without night vision, point fixation and distance judgement problems.

Lightweight - Weighs under 2/3 lb with batteries.

Simple to Use - An improved switching mechanism involves a simple twist of the lens to the desired function.

Durable - Waterproof (up to 100 ft), dust proof, and will survive a 3-foot drop onto a concrete surface.

Double the Safety - Provides safety with maximum 360° visibility. Unlike pyrotechnic flares, there is no risk of fire, explosion, toxic fumes or residue

Infinitely Versatile - Easily attaches to belts, clothing, vehicles, traffic cones or signs.

Place units around to create a highly visible warning and safety zone for people, work areas, hazards and accidents HAZMAT accredited for use in Class 1, Division 2/ Zone 2 hazardous areas.

Red/Blue Beacon.

Dual Flash 2-Color.

4+4 High Luminosity LEDs.

ABS Body & Fresnel Lens.

Weighs 0.65 lbs with Four "AA" Batteries.

SIZES: 8" High.