Curaplex® - Stop the Bleed® Advanced Kit

Curaplex® - Stop the Bleed® Advanced Kit
Item# CPX_STB003A

Product Description

Curaplex® - Stop the Bleed® Advanced Kit
Curaplex® - Stop the Bleed® Advanced Kit.

Curaplex Stop the Bleed® Advanced Kits are designed to provide their users with immediate access to products that slow traumatic hemorrhaging before professional help arrives. Stop the Bleed Kits include items to address bleeding emergencies like gauze dressings, chest seals and a tourniquet. The kits are available in three configurations featuring different tourniquets.

These kits fit into a standard AED case, first aid cabinet or drawer. They are conveniently vacuum-packed into a clear, plastic pouch for easy visibility. The pouch is tamper-proof.

Each Curaplex Stop the Bleed® Advanced Kit is officially licensed by U.S. Department of Defense. These kits are ideal for all business, schools, restaurants, places of worship and event centers.


(1) Permanent marker.

(2) Pair of gloves, latex-free.

(1) C-A-T® tourniquet.

(1) Emergency bandage.

(1) Pair of trauma shears, 7.5”.

(2) Rolls of primed, compressed gauze dressing.

(1) Pack H*VENT vented chest seals (2/pk).

(1) QuikClot combat gauze, 3” x 4 yds.

(1) Printed insert shows instructions for use.


Compilation of items to slow traumatic hemorrhaging Packaged together in vacuum-sealed pouch for convenience Clear plastic pouch for visibility and easy access Compact kit for easy storage and transportation Printed insert for instructions Officially licensed by U.S. Department of Defense 


8in x 10in x 3in.