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Champion SC-11M-10 Super Beast 10,000 PSI Hydraulic Rescue Multi-Tool
Champion SC-11M-10 Super Beast 10,000 PSI Hydraulic Rescue Multi-Tool
Item# CRT_SC11M10

Product Description

A Scissor Cutter and a Spreader in one tool and at one low cost. As the world’s auto-makers continue designing safer and stronger vehicles each year, the 10,500 psi SUPER BEAST generates an unmatched 500,000 lbs. of cutting force to handle these ever changing materials for years to come. With power like this, there’s no need to learn the technique of “the work around”. You can change from full size cutter to spreader in seconds by pulling three pins. Our patented laminated cutting blades with internal safety restraints are designed to capture THE SUPER BEAST’S power and enable it to overcome the toughest vehicles and the hardest metals. THE SUPER BEAST is tested and proven to handle the most demanding 5 star crash rated vehicles.


Max Cutting Force: 500,000 lbs. Max Spreading Force: 140,000 lbs. on the back of the spreader arms.

Type of Tool: Scissor Cutter and Spreader.

Opening: 10.75” Cutter with 3.5” Power Notch; 28.0” Spreader with 16.0” of parallel travel.

Weight: 51.9 lbs.

Dimensions: 28.0” x 12.5” x 8.0”.

Accessories Include: 1 full size USAR cutting head and 1 full size spreading head for one low price.

Operating Pressure: 10,500 psi - Compatible with most high pressure systems

Limited Lifetime Warranty.