Chemguard AR-SFFF 3% x 3% NFF Foam, 5 Gallon Pail 453050
Chemguard AR-SFFF 3% x 3% NFF Foam, 5 Gallon Pail 453050
Item# CG_453050

Product Description


CHEMGUARD NFF-331 3%x3% Non-Fluorinated Foam Concentrate is a 3x3 alcohol-resistant non-fluorinated foam concentrate that provides superior fire and vapor suppression performance for Class B polar solvent, and hydrocarbon fuel fires. This concentrate proportions in a wide range of equipment including in-line eductors and balanced pressure systems using bladder tanks or foam pumps and is suitable for sprinkler systems and various applications using standard discharge devices. CHEMGUARD NFF-331 foam is intended for forceful or gentle firefighting applications at 3% solution on hydrocarbon fuels and at 3% solution on polar solvent fuels in fresh, salt, hard, and brackish water.

CHEMGUARD NFF-331 foam concentrate utilizes three suppression mechanisms intended for rapid fire knockdown and superior burnback resistance:

The foam blanket has extended drain times to help block oxygen to the fuel and suppress fuel vapor On polar solvent fires, liquid drains from the foam blanketand forms a polymeric membrane which suppresses vapors and seals the fuel surface The water content of the foam solution produces a cooling effect for additional fire suppression.

CHEMGUARD NFF-331 foam concentrate is a non-Newtonian fluid that is both pseudoplastic and thixotropic. Due to these properties, dynamic viscosity will decrease as shear increases.

CHEMGUARD NFF-331 foam concentrate is a non-fluorinated firefighting foam concentrate, meaning it does not have any intentionally added PFAS chemistry and is produced in equipment that has not handled PFAS chemistry. CHEMGUARD NFF-331 foam concentrate thus complies with directives (EU) 2017/1000 on PFOA and 2019/1021 (EU POPs directive).

CHEMGUARD NFF-331 foam concentrate has been subjected to OECD 301F testing and after 28 days is considered readily biodegradable. Approvals, Listings, and Standards

CHEMGUARD NFF-331 3x3 AR-SFFF foam concentrate is designed in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 11 for low-, medium-, and highexpansion foam. The concentrate is approved, listed, qualified under, or meets the requirements of the following specifications and standards:

UL Standard 162, foam liquid concentrates UL Listed for use with an extensive array of proportioning and discharge equipment, including sprinklers as required by NFPA 11 UL Listed as an alcohol-resistant synthetic fluorine free foam (AR-SFFF) concentrate for use on hydrocarbon and polar solvent fuel fires ULC S564, Category 2 foam liquid concentrate Passes UL 162 type III test protocol on hydrocarbons at the same 0.10 gpm/ft2 (4.1 Lpm/m2) design application rate as traditional AR-AFFF products. The recommended minimum application rate for spill fire applications is 0.10 gpm/ft2 (4.1 Lpm/m2) EN 1568: 2018 Parts 3 and 4 GreenScreen Certified™ Silver firefighting foam concentrate.


CHEMGUARD NFF-331 foam concentrate is intended for use on both types of Class B fires: hydrocarbon fuels with low water solubility, such as crude oils, gasolines, diesel fuels, and aviation fuels; and polar solvent fuels with appreciable water solubility, such as methyl and ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, acetone, esters, and methyl ethyl ketone. The concentrate also has excellent wetting properties that can effectively combat Class A fires. It may also be used in conjunction with dry chemical agents to provide even greater fire suppression performance.

CHEMGUARD NFF-331 foam concentrate is UL listed for use with upright and pendent 5.6 k, 8.0 k and 11.2 k sprinklers on hydrocarbon and polar fuels. This concentrate can be ideal for fixed and semi-fixed foam systems using sprinklers, nozzles, foam chambers, and other standard discharge devices for applications such as:

Industrial chemical and petroleum processing facilities Fuel or chemical storage tanks Truck or rail loading and unloading facilities Flammable liquid containment areas Aircraft hangars Flammable liquid warehouse storage facilities Mobile equipment

Foaming Properties:

CHEMGUARD NFF-331 foam concentrate requires low energy to foam and the foam solution may be effectively applied with conventional aspirating and non-aspirating discharge devices at the correct dilution with water. Aspirating discharge devices typically produce expansion ratios from 3:1 to 10:1, depending on the type of device and the flow rate. Non-aspirating devices, such as handline water fog/stream nozzles or standard sprinkler heads, typically produce expansion ratios from 2:1 to 3:1.


The recommended operational temperature range for CHEMGUARD NFF-331 foam concentrate is 35 F to 120 F (2 C to 49 C) per UL 162. This foam concentrate can be correctly proportioned using most conventional, properly calibrated, in-line proportioning equipment such as:

Balanced and in-line balanced pressure pump proportioners Balanced pressure bladder tanks and ratio flow controllers Around-the-pump type proportioners Fixed or portable in-line venturi type proportioners Handline and monitor nozzles with fixed eductor/pick-up tubes.

Typical Physiochemical Properties:

Appearance Viscous yellow liquid.

Density 1.12 + 0.02 g/ml.

pH 6.2 to 7.2.

Refractive Index 1.3876 minimum>

Viscosity* 3900 500 cPs at 77 F (25 C) at 30 rpm Viscosity* 2450 250 cPs at 77 F (25 C) at 60 rpm Viscosity** 190/440 at 375/75 s-1 mPas at 68 F (20 C)

Freeze Point** 215.8 F (-9 C)

Storage/Operating Range 35 F to 120 F (2 C to 49 C) *Properties measured with a Brookfield Viscometer using a # 4 spindle **per EN 1568: 2018 protocol