Brooking G6 LED Mini Light Bar - Magnet Mount - Cigarette Plug Cord

Brooking G6 LED Mini Light Bar - Magnet Mount - Cigarette Plug Cord
Item# BII_G6RQC4

Product Description

G6 Mini Bar Spec. Sheet

This 6 head unit features ReFlector type optics behind a fluted polycarbonate dome. Donít let the lesser head count fool you, the G6 is a force to be reckoned with. Each unit comes standard with 4 magnet mount, alternative mounting options available for additional charge.

Cutting off cigar plug will not void warranty.

■ Multi-Voltage Input 12~24VDC. ■ High Intensity 1W LED x 18pcs . ■ Built-in 19 Selectable Flash Patterns. ■ LEDs rated to 100,000 hours of operation. ■ Non-volatile memory recalls last flash pattern used at power up. ■ 2 Warning Modes for quick pattern change. ■ Multiple units are synchronizable. ■ Weatherproof and vibration resistant design for internal or external use. ■ Reverse polarity protection.


Meets: SAE & CA13.

Bulb: 1W LED x 18pcs.

Warning Patterns: 19 Flash Patterns.

Operating Voltage: 12~24 VDC.

Avg. Current: AMBER/RED :1A @13.5VDC / 0.6A @24VDC BLUE/WHITE :1.6A @13.5VDC / 0.9A @24VDC.

Avg. Power: AMBER/RED : 15 Watts BLUE/WHITE : 22 Watts.

Max. Current: AMBER/RED : 2A @13.5VDC / 1.2A @24VDC BLUE/WHITE : 3.2A @13.5VDC / 1.8A @24VDC.

Max. Power: AMBER/RED : 29 Watts BLUE/WHITE : 44 Watts.

Wires: Red-Vcc: 30cm (16AWG) Black-GND: 30cm (16AWG). Yellow-Flash Patterns & Sync: 30cm (20AWG) White-Warning Mode 2: 30cm (20AWG).

Fuse Recommended: 5Amps.

Multi-Unit Synchronization: Over 15 units.

Colors Available: Amber, Red, Blue, White.

6.3" deep x 16.7" long x 2.9" tall