Beghelli VA4RSA Emergency Exit Light Unit -  120 V.A.C. with Battery Back-up
Beghelli VA4RSA Emergency Exit Light Unit - 120 V.A.C. with Battery Back-up

Product Description

The VA4 series thermoplastic exit sign features an attractive low profile design. Ideal for commercial & institutional installations, the slim profile of this sign blends perfectly with current interior decors.

The VA4 series uses high-output red or green LED technology. This truly “universal” exit sign, comes standard with two (2) stencils, one (1) backplate and a canopy. AC only and Self- Powered versions are available. The VA4 series meets Energy Star requirements.

The VA4 series exit is suitable for surface ceiling, wall and end mounting. Suitable for indoor and damp location installations.

Dimensions: 7 1/2" tall x 12" wide x 1.5" deep.

specifications: internal The VA4 comes standard configured with high output LEDs, 120/277V input, available in red or green. AC only and Self powered versions are available. Nickel-cadmium batteries provide a minimum 90 minutes of emergency duration. Electronic cut-off circuit prevents over discharge.

specifications: external The VA4 is constructed from durable corrosion and flame resistant thermoplastic. The VA4 comes standard with a mounting canopy, two (2) stencils, one (1) backplate, removable chevrons and all mounting hardware. The VA4 comes standard finished in white; optional black finish is available. A damp location rating is standard on all VA4 products. An external LED status indicator and test switch is standard on all self-powered models.

specifications: electrical BATTERY: The VA4 is designed with a maintenance free, sealed NickelCadmium battery providing a minimum emergency duration of 90 minutes. Recharge time of the battery is twenty-four (24) hours. The maximum battery working temperature is 45°C. The minimum working temperature is 10°C. CIRCUIT: The VA4 has a 120/277V solid state transformer. Low voltage disconnect and brownout protection are standard. Red or green LEDs. • Red LED - 3.2W • Green LED - 3.8W

specifications: mechanical The low profile design of the VA4 exit provides a clean, attractive and affordable solution. The durable thermoplastic housing is corrosion and flame resistant. The VA4 stencils include removable chevrons that allow for easy “in the field” installation decisions. The modern and efficient design of the VA4 allows for wall, ceiling or end mounting. Canopy and all installation hardware are included.

self-powered The VA4-SA self-powered is designed to operate on battery power in the event of a regular / mains power failure. Both the battery and charger are completely contained within the standard enclosure. There are no external components and no alterations made to the external dimensions of the standard sign. The VA4-SA self-powered utilizes a solid state transformer technology that eliminates the possibility of relay failure due to particle build up on the relay. Status is easily determined via an LED that indicates AC-ON. A push button test switch allows maintenance personnel to quickly confirm the operational status of the exit on AC fail.

warranty The VA4 comes with a 5-year factory warranty. Deliberate damage, misuse, improper installation effectively cancel the warranty.

**Photometrics and installation information can be emailed upon request!