Super Commando Khaki Tan Advance 32" Coat

Super Commando Khaki Tan Advance 32" Coat
Item# LI_ACSTDM907

Product Description

** SIZES, 28" - 64" CHEST AVAILABLE.**

Coat Model / Design Super-Deluxe™ Coat(ACSTDM907) - Janesville® Super-Deluxe™, Traditional Coat with Freedom design. Fully featured coat with 8i-swing Back for forward mobility.

Coat Model / Design 32" & 35" Male (CSTM-32. CSDM-35) / 29" & 32" Female (CSTF-29, CSDF-32) Super Deluxe Coat.

Coat Liner & Moisture Barrier D9 - Traditional Traditional Liner, Chambray face cloth quilted to 3.75 oz Virgin 50% para-aramid/50% meta aramid batting quilted to 3.0 oz NOMEX® IIIA, Gore RT7100™ PTFE laminated to 4.6 02 non woven aramid.

Coat Inner Yoke Reinforcement LYR224 (Std) Semper Dri® front and back yokes sewn to coat thermal liners, (RM1377-059) (Super Deluxe, Liberty, Reliant).

Liner Inspection System CLF202 (Std) Coat liner inspection system; PJ Crosstech collar flashing with 3/4" loop fastener full length and inspection system w/ 3/4"x4" loop on back side of collar.

MISC. Fasteners MF012 (Std) 3/4" x 4" Hook sewn to shell collar for the coat liner inspection system. Hook to be placed on the center notch of top collar.

Waterwells • Ever-Dri CLW207 (Std) Water Well: Chambray DWR 2 layer AraFlo® E89 quilt/pajama check crosstech waterwell with 3/4" loop, male snap, sew to coat liner sleeves.

Coat Wristlets CLWIOS (Std) 8" over the hand style - KEVLAR® / Spandex®

Coat Outer Shell Material Advance® Advance® 7.0 oz, Tan

Fabric Color Tan Tan Outer Shell Material.

Reflective Trim CT204-TTY 3" NYC L/Y Triple Trim.

Drag Rescue Device BHS020 (Std) DRD: Firefighter Recovery Harness with 2" welt and 5.25x2.25" flap. 1 piece 1x2" loop for harness storage. 2 pieces 1x2" loop on shell flap closure, 2 pieces 1x2" hook on flap. 1 piece 1.5x2" hook on harness. 1 piece 2x2" loop underneath chest trim for harness storage, 1 pair 1x3,5" Self-fabric straps with 1x2" hook and loop.

Coat Collar CR216 (Std) 3" - (3) piece contoured collar self-fabric inside layer, 2 layer araflo quilt & GORE RT7100 PTFE, self-fabric outer layer, 1 piece 1.5x4" hook & loop, pleat collar w/ 3/4" hook.

Coat Cuff Reinforcement Black Leather Cuff Reinforcements.

Coat Elbow Reinforcement Black Leather Elbow ReinforcementS.

Coat Shoulder Reinforcement SC711 Self fabric shoulder caps w/ GIC E-88 foam padding.

Coat Closure System SF200 (Std) 3" Zipper Coat Closure with FR hook & loop storm flap closure.

Turn-Out Pockets HP573 (2) 8.5 x 8" patch pocket & handwarmer combination with expandable 2" pleat self fabric 4,5" up inside on pocket, self fabric backer, 2 pieces 1.5 x 2.75" loop on pocket & 2 pieces 1.5 x2.75" hook on flap.

Item Location for Above PKTLQC-FOHP Front bottom- Left & Right

Turn-Out Pockets RP514 3.5x 9x2" Radio pocket w/ Polycotton fully lined all 3 sides inside pocket, 1 pc. 1x2" loop on pocket & 1 pc. 1x2" hook on flap.

Mic Tab 2" x 5" triple layer self fabric mic tab sewn on to shell and four bartacks, two each end. Item Location for Above - Left Chest above Radio Pocket.

Flashlight Strap FLS503 1,25x7" self fabric flashlight strap with 1 piece 1x2" hook on one end & 1 piece 1x2" loop on opposite end, X-stitched to shell, one-703 hook with self fabric holder riveted to shell, 5" above lower strap. Item Location for Above Right Chest

Hanger Loop Standard 5/8" x 5 1/2" Self fabric hangerloop.